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Meet Jewels.

She spent all 9 years of her life outside being used as a breeding machine.  Her owners watched as her tumor grew and grew and did nothing about it.  Thankfully, a family member stepped in and worked to make sure that Jewels made her way into rescue to get the help that she so desperately deserved.  Without this family member looking out for her, we don't know what would have happened to her and we're so grateful for them being her angel and bringing her to us.


Jewels needed a LOT of help.  The primary concern, of course, was the removal of the large mass hanging from her breast area.  We also ran tests on it to see if it is cancerous or not and then evaluated if there are any more masses anywhere else.  In addition to the mass removal, she needed to be spayed and have some dental work done on some rotting teeth.  We also were advised by her vet to do x-rays on her elbows because she is limping.  


The total for all of this came to over $3000 and we needed help to start making this dog's life better.  Jewels has known nothing but neglect most of her life and we are eager to start making everything right again in her life and give her everything she deserves.  

After fundraising with PoundWishes, Jewels earned $3,230.00, was able to have her tumor removed, and found her way into a loving forever home with a bunch of doggie best friends!

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