• Calle flys to his forever home.  Profile Photo
  • Calle flys to his forever home.  0
  • Calle flys to his forever home.  1
  • Calle flys to his forever home.  2
  • Calle flys to his forever home.  3
  • Calle flys to his forever home.  4
  • Calle flys to his forever home.  5
  • Calle flys to his forever home.  6
  • Calle flys to his forever home.  7

Poor Calle was found weak and severely malnourished, abandoned on a highway in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Tourists driving from the San Juan Airport to Rincon graciously decided to help him out. They found Calle's sweet demeanor and appreciation of their kindness truly heartwarming, as he loving came up and kissed their faces.

After feeding Calle, he curled up and fell asleep on the lap of his new friends. In many cases, caring individuals have the love but not the funds necessary to rescue dogs found on the busy streets of Puerto Rico. Defensa Animal De Rincon set up a PoundWishes fundraiser for Calle to help transport him from Puerto Rico to Boston, where he can happily be reunited with the caring tourists who found him. The transport goal was set at $375. Calle quickly raised $450 within a few hours of the PoundWishes fundraiser launching. Because of the donations and generous rescue animals lovers, Calle was flown out to Boston the very next day and woke up in a warm bed with his new tourist family. 

Stories like this could not be possible without the help and love of rescue supporters. We are so incredibly happy for Calle and his new lifetime of health and happiness! 

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