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Tyson was 11 years old and surrendered by his owners that were no longer able to care for him - the option recommended by most was to put to sleep or leave at a shelter.

Lucky for Tyson, he had someone that was a friend and reached out to rescues to get him help and found So Cal Bulldog Rescue.   

What we noticed first was the mass on his size that needed to be removed and secondly that he was a senior dog that really needed help as soon as possible. Tyson went into surgery for a cyst that the vet estimates weights 25 to 30 pounds.  The mass is 'ugly' and been reported to been part of Tyson for a while now, just as he gets towards the end of his last years with this has it started to affect how well he can walk and get around. 

The what it is and why so so long there is all secondary for Tyson now.  After surgery, he was placed with forever hospice home for his remaining time.

Tyson is doing great his incision area has healed beautifully and hair has grown in completely . You wouldn't even know he was carrying a huge tumor on that side. 


Tyson best friend is Cletus a 7month spina bifida EB. They play and Tyson who is about 107lbs and 11 years old now rolls on floor and acts like he is a small pup so funny to see.  His foster brother and sister pups love to sleep with him. He is happy and sweet and feeling so much better and lighter.

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